Welcome to the Winona Catholic Worker

We are an inclusive diverse-faith community run entirely by volunteers. We offer compassionate hospitality to all who enter our homes (regardless of race, creed, gender identity, sexuality, nationality or immigration status). We strive to resist all forms of violence and oppression.

We rely entirely on private donations of money, food, labor and furnishings to run our homes. We are not tax-exempt nor do we receive any funding from the government, The Church, or corporations.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Big Ask

Since my first autumn at the Catholic Worker four years ago, I have always found it ironic that with the bounty of the falls harvest our finances are always stretched the thinnest. Our cupboards and freezers are stuffed full with freshly processed fruits and vegetables from the Master Gardeners and our own garden. We have a freezer of locally harvested venison and beef, pork and chicken from local farms, but largely due to several greatly needed maintenance projects ahead of the reopening of the Dan Corcoran House; our bank account is precariously low. The bounty of the soil has given us all of the material things we need to do our work, but we need your help to keep our houses warm and welcoming through this winter. Please consider making a donation to our community. All donations go directly toward helping to feed and shelter those in the greatest need in Winona County. While we always strive to do our work in the most financially sustainable ways, and are always looking for ways to work with less, we would never be able to continue without the generous help of our wider community of friends and supporters.