Welcome to the Winona Catholic Worker

We are an inclusive diverse-faith community run entirely by volunteers. We offer compassionate hospitality to all who enter our homes (regardless of race, creed, gender identity, sexuality, nationality or immigration status). We strive to resist all forms of violence and oppression.

We rely entirely on private donations of money, food, labor and furnishings to run our homes. We are not tax-exempt nor do we receive any funding from the government, The Church, or corporations.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Community Update by Mike Abdoo

When Ruth and I moved our family back to Winona in November we were both amazed at how the Winona Catholic Worker never stopped feeling like home.  While there has been a complete turnover in the live in community since we last lived here, there is a certain perpetuity to the energy of our houses. Bethany House is always filled with both familiar faces and new friends. Even in our community’s most unstable of times there’s a simple normalcy that our houses always seem to provide. Dinner is always at 6, the fridge is always full, and we can always count on friends stopping by.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Our good friends Dan Wilson and Rachel Stoll are returning to the W.C.W. in February. We look forward to the energy and enthusiasm that they bring with them wherever they go. The community is also talking to other people who are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming live-in volunteers. As our community expands, we will be looking at various models of hospitality and reflecting on what we can best offer the Winona community. While we’re not sure where these conversations will lead us, we will continue to look to the wider community for input and support throughout the process.

It didn’t take long for Ruth and I to settle right back into the daily work of our houses. While the winter months bring a level of calmness to our community, there’s always a lot to do. Bethany House continues to offer nightly meals that our open to anyone who would like to come. We’ve been blessed with the helping hands of many work groups, college volunteers, cooks and friends who come by to host hospitality. We’ve been steadily working on some much-needed repairs to the Dan Corcoran House in anticipation of reopening the house for overnight guests on June 1st. A good friend of the community just refinished the wood floors in the upstairs hallway and on the main floor, and one of the  bedrooms. We’re researching the costs of installing new flooring in the basement, and finishing other essential household repairs.

We are already excitedly planning for spring, and dreaming of another bountiful garden. We hope to put a renewed focus on perennial fruits and veggies.  We’re planning on raising chickens and meat rabbits this coming year in order to help complete our small backyard food system. We’re also looking forward to sprucing up the aesthetics of our front yards that sometimes don’t get the amount of attention they deserve.

While there’s always a level of uncertainty in our work, we’re blessed with the constant words and actions of support from our friends and supporters. Going forward, things will look very different on our block of West Broadway. There will be new faces. There will be different practices and missions. Change always brings second-guessing, but we’re always hopeful for the future.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Thank You Will Hesch!

Our deepest thanks goes out to Will Hesch, who recently spent more than a full week repairing and refinishing floors in the Dan Corcoran House. Will’s attention to detail and expertise at his craft has brought new life and beauty to our home, which was in need of some loving attention. We are grateful that his work has brought us that much closer to being able to open the Dan Corcoran House for hospitality again on June 1st! Thank you Will!